The Bridges of Zeitz, Germany

TYB: This bridge tour takes us back to 2015, where I stumbled upon a small town in the eastern part of Saxony-Anhalt that not only had a history with it being a venue for motion picture films but also for its bridges. Zeitz is located SE of Naumburg(Saale) and S of Leipzig along the White Elster…..

The Bridgehunter's Chronicles

Haynsburg Bridge. Photos taken in March 2015 Haynsburg Bridge. Photos taken in March 2015

Located along the River White Elster in eastern Saxony-Anhalt, the city of Zeitz, with ist population of 29,000 inhabitants, represents one oft he dying cities in the former East Germany. High unemployment, empty buildings, abandoned industries and a crumbling infrastructure, combined with historic buildings dating back to the 1800s that are sitting empty are what a person can see when passing through the city. Most of its main traffic has been diverted away from the city, and the only rail service in Zeitz are the lines connecting the city with Weissenfels, Gera and Leipzig- all privately owned and localized.

Yet the city scape of Zeitz has, for the most part been in tact, thus making it the venue for many films produced that require an East German scene or story. Despite their emptiness, many historic buildings in the city center are worth visiting…

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