TYB: Crossing the Hayden Bridge

Photo by Mike Goff

A few weeks ago, some footage of a well-known historic bridge was discovered on youtube and was brought to the attention to the readers on facebook. It featured the historic Hayden Bridge, which spans the McKenzie River on the now abandoned Weyerhauser Logging Railway in Springfield in Oregon. The bridge was filmed in 1985 with trains crossing the bridge. Have a look:

The Whipple through truss span, built by the Phoenix Bridge Company and features its famous Phoenix columns, as abandoned two years later, yet efforts by Workin Bridges to restore the span and repurpose it as a pedestrian crossing led to its reopening in 2019. The bridge won the 2019 Bridgehunter Awards in the category Best Example of a Restored Historic Bridge. Information on the bridge can be found by clicking here.