2020 Bridgehunter Awards: Best Bridge Photo

Photo by Artur Roman on Pexels.com

After collecting the entries and sorting them, the time has come to begin the voting for this year’s Bridgehunter Awards. Because of the changes in format regarding the wordpress website, the voting process will be cut up into four parts. The first part features solely the category of Best Bridge Photo. Below are 13 entries. The same procedure applies to all other Awards in the past: Choose which bridge photo deserves the award and mark it. Then scroll down to the bottom and press the vote button. You can vote for more than one candidate at a time.

The winner of the Awards for Best Bridge Photo will have his/her photo in the heading of The Bridgehunter’s Chronicles website. Second place will have the photo featured in the Chronicles’ facebook page, third place in the Chronicles’ facebook group page and fourth place in the Chronicles’ twitter page. New for this year is a spot in the Bridgehunter’s Chronicles’ LinkedIn page for the 5th place winner.

And with that, may the voting proceed. The next part will follow…….. 🙂

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