Enoch Knob Bridge- a bridge full of mysteries

And we’re taking you back. This time to the Historic Bridge Weekend in Missouri, which happened in 2011. We had a golden opportunity to visit many bridges throughout the state, yet this one caught my eye because of its ghost stories and history. This used to be located in Franklin County; now, it’s nothing more than a memory……

The Bridgehunter's Chronicles

Photo taken by Molly Hill

There is a saying that was mentioned in an interview about Feng Shui and architecture in China, which states “If a person does not believe in ancient philosophies, it does not necessarily mean that it exists.” It is hard to believe the notion that no spirits and ghosts exist in any of the buildings and bridges in general. However, if there was such a notion, then there would not be any stories by people who have encountered them in the first place. There have been many reports of ghosts and evil spirits lurking about in haunted buildings, cemeteries and even bridges. Even if no accounts were recorded, some of the bridges, given its location in deep forests and houses that are run down and mostly uninhabited, are considered haunted in itself and should be approached with care. I myself have seen many haunted bridges in…

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