Incredible Animation Shows How Bridges Were Built in 14th-Century Prague

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Ever wonder how bridges were built centuries ago? Watch this animation of Prague’s Charles Bridge being constructed to get an eye-opening idea.

We are used to driving across bridges to get from place to place, but have you ever wondered how these ambitious architectural Goliaths were first created? Engineering and Architecture dives into the how with an eye-opening animation that demonstrates the construction of the Charles Bridge in Prague from 1357-1402. The bridge is part of an iconic composition across the Vltava (Moldau) river in the popular Czech Republic city. Spanning nearly 1,700 feet and over 33 feet wide, it is a popular tourist destination and holds high historical significance for the city.

The video itself cleverly breaks down the nearly 50-year-long construction process of the Charles Bridge. First, we see the execution of individual footings in the water, from preliminary structural elements to the draining of water from the…

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