Old bridge at Viksdalen — FrejaTravels

It is always fun to spot some old demolished constructions and see how the world just pass them by and replace what might have been an important piece of infrastructure back in the day. One of those constructions is just next to the road on highway E13 from Gaularfjellet. We stop at the small village […]

Old bridge at Viksdalen — FrejaTravels

This is Mystery Bridge Nr. 142. What did this bridge look like prior to its demise? Thanks to the columnist for the discovery.

3 thoughts on “Old bridge at Viksdalen — FrejaTravels

  1. I usually use the WP Reader to catch up on the bloggers I follow. Your post doesn’t show the image either in the scroll view or if I select it to read the article. If, however, I click the title, it opens the article directly on your page and the photo is right there. Interesting anomaly. Are you using the new block editor? If so, WP may need to get a bug report.


    1. I have been using the block, although reluctantly, because the old format allowed for some flexability, even with the posts shared. If you are having problems opening them, I’ll have to talk to WP about it and see what can be done. Thanks for the heads-up. 🙂


      1. It looks like this is a systemic problem. Another person I follow has posts with the same issue. I commented on his post prior to yours and another blogger responded to me with “I can’t see the picture in Reader, either. I’ve seen this once before and the poster said they were using the new editor. They said they uploaded the first post from their cell phone, reposted on their laptop and the pictures appeared.”
        It appears this is a glitch with the block editor.

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