BHC Pic of the Week Nr. 117

The last pic of the week series on Schwerin looks at a rather unique structure.  Located at the entrance to Schweriner See (Lake Schwerin), the Knüppeldamm Bridge is a wooden, Town Lattice truss bridge with a length of 10-15 meters long and a width of about 2-3 meters. It ist he only known wooden bridge on the castle complex and it can be seen from Lennestrasse. It is unknown when the bridge was built, but judging by the woodrot on the trusses, it appears that the bridge is over a century old.

The Knüppeldamm Bridge has been closed since April 6th of this year after damage to one of the trusses. Apparently the upper chord warped and the diagonal beams bent inwards, as you can see in the picture below. Inspections revealed potential collapse and most recently, the Schwerin City Council recommended demolishing the structure and replacing it. When this will take place remains unclear, but it will mimick the original structure.

But despite having found the bridge and getting some pics on it- both of the good truss on the left as well as the bad truss on the right, one question remains unsolved: How did the damage to the truss happen?

The question was posed on Instagram when I posted it a couple weeks ago. Now it’s being asked here as well as in the other social media channels. Your ideas on how it happened are more than welcome.