BHC Photo of the Week Nr. 116

While you are trying to figure out how many bridges exist at the Schwerin Castle and Orangery in the capital of Mecklenburg-Pommerania, this Pic of the Week looks at the ballustrades of one historic bridge at the castle from a unique standpoint. This was taken at the Schlossbrücke, which connects the castle with the historic city center, providing a unique view of Lake Schwerin as the sun sets on the city. Some photo works that followed show the concrete railings in its natural form, despite the fact that the bridge was last rehabbed in 1987.  Not bad for a bridge that has aged really well ever since.

As far as the bridge itself is concerned, that photo will come in next week’s version, yet you can also see it in the Chronicles‘ Instagram page, which is available here. Happy Bridgehunting, folks! 🙂