BHC Pic of the Week Nr. 113

Continuing on my series on the bridges in Schleswig-Holstein 2020, we take you to the peninsula of Nordstrand, located near Husum on the North Sea coast. We found this unique bridge at the Restaurant am Heverstrom in the Village of Süderhafen. It spans a road that leads into the village and it carries pedestrian traffic connecting the restaurant with the highway that bypasses the village. On the opposite end is another eatery and a sports club. The bridge is unique because of its wooden design, including the trusses, but also for its stairway, which zig-zags itsway up from the parking lot below, which is reserved for guests of this restaurant as well as a pair of bed and breakfasts. By foot, it’s 20 minutes away from a pottery market, the Töperei Südermarkt, where all ceramics are handmade, using the caricatures typical of the North Sea (seagulls, light houses, shells, sheep, sail boats, and the like) and a grey background. If you are finding a high quality gift for a friend or loved one, this is the place.

While the bridge also includes a terrace on the restaurant side, a couple questions came to mind: 1. Why build a bridge over a road when you can build an observation tower with eating area for guest to look at the flut and ebbe of the North Sea’s waves? After all, the restaurant and bridge are right next to the dike which keeps the water out in case of a Schietsturm.

And 2. Who was the person behind this unique construction? Let alone when was it built? Judging by its age and upkeep, the bridge is about 20 years old. Still, wooden structures can last over 70 years. Should they maintain it well, it could be a historic monument in about 50 years or so.

And as for the restaurant Am Heverstrom, if you want a restaurant that offers a local menu- foods typical of the North Sea region, this would be the place to go. We stopped there after doing a Wattwanderung (Watt-Walking) along the North Sea coast and were treated to a warm, friendly environment, combined with Labskaubs (a soup), Sauerfleisch with roasted potatoes, and plates of fish. Add a local beer in the Flensburger and a local desert and you have yourselves a typical meal in Schleswig-Holstein. It was a perfect meal during which a Schietsturm (rain with high winds) passed through and we enjoyed it until the sun came out and we were forced to leave. Still, a day on the North Sea is like a full two-week vacation- with fresh air and relaxation, while embracing the local culture and thoughts about retiring up north. 🙂 ❤

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