No Comment Nr. 2: The Great California Fire

As we start looking at the Great Wildfire of 2020 and how it has affected the western half of the United States, I would like to show you a pair of pics of two of San Francisco’s finest bridges, taken at noon, where instead of blue skies, we have dark orange skies and street lights that are blazing throughout the Bay Area. The top photo, taken by Christian Huth, shows the Bay Bridge. The bottom photo, taken by Brianne Lucke from the sunroof of the car, is of the Golden Gate Bridge, its towers covered in clouds and smoke. All orange. All very, very scary.

To get a summary of the wildfires along the West Coast, click here to read up.

The fires have wiped out dozens of historic bridges, most of them are covered. One of them used to be a Howe truss span that was boxed in with wood, located in Washington. A summary of the casualties to date is to follow.