Cape Creek Bridge

Double decker arch bridges are extremely rare to find in the US. While one can find one of these out of every 1000 arch bridges in Europe, here, it’s one out of every 1 million. This one is rarely mentioned in the world of bridge history although it’s builder is world renowned. Have a look at this guest post and the pics that follow. 😎🍷🍷

Lynn and Judy's Bridge Walking Blog

Our 12th Bridge. Lane County, Oregon. June 2020


This bridge sits high above the dramatic and wooded Cape Creek ravine, tucked in between the Devil’s Elbow and Heceta Head promontories. Perhaps classic Roman viaducts inspired Conde McCullough when he designed this bridge. To overcome the steep, rocky terrain and its unstable geology, he employed the two tier system of repeating arches that has made this bridge unique and notable.

Pont du GardRoman aqueduct

Photo from Historic American Engineering

Lynn: I’ve been looking forward to this part of our bridge walk adventure with great anticipation because I am now entering a part of Oregon that is new to me. Until today I have never been north of Florence, and wow, this part of Hwy 101 is absolutely stunning.

A stop to experience the bridge over Cape Creek is a must-do for anyone traveling in the area. Not only is…

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