BHC Pic of the Week Nr. 109: A Bridge that became a Posterboy for a Music Album

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This week’s BHC Pic of the Week ties in together with the next 10th anniversary campaign. This time, we look at bridges that were used as photos for music albums.

The origin takes us back to 2011. As part of the 2011 Historic Bridge Weekend, we toured the state of Missouri, going cross country from St. Louis to Kansas City before I continued my tour going north into Iowa. On the first day of the conference, we visited and photographed as many bridges along the Mississippi River and its new channel in St. Louis as we could. One of the stops was the New Canal Bridge, which carries Interstate 270 near Granite City. The twin cantilever truss spans were built in 1963 and had a total length of just under 2000 feet. This photo was taken from the abutment in the center oft he expressway with two portals sticking out in the foreground.  While the bridge was eventually replaced with a modern concrete structure in 2015, the photo became part of a music album that was released by local musician Mike Dean, a year later.


And now, over to you. What other bridge became a posterboy of a music album? Feel free to tell us about it. A link or a photo of that album would be much appreciated. Feel free to post in the comment section below or in the Chronicles‘ on facebook or twitter.


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The Chronicles will be on semi-hiatus beginning August 7th as the author will go on a much-needed summer vacation for a couple weeks. It will return on August 28th and will continue to provide you with news stories on historic bridges both near home and far away. Don’t forget to submit your bridge candidates for the 2020 Bridgehunter Awards, entries will be taken between now and December 1st. Details here.


While we have a few loose ends this week, the author would like to wish you and yours a safe but enjoyable summer break. Beware of the Corona restrictions, wear mouth masks where necessary and practice social distancing, and more importantly, stay healthy. Enjoy your summer break wherever you are.

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The contract to disassemble the old Champlain Bridge has been signed, The Jacques Cartier and Champlain Bridges Inc. announced on Monday.

via Contract signed to dismantle old Champlain Bridge — Montreal Gazette

Demolition has begun on the major crossing with the bridge expected to be removed in 3 years. Most of the materials will be reused elsewhere. A link to the project can be found in the article.