Today’s poem is a rewrite of a piece original called “Living On a Knife Edge”. This poem was one of two, that I submitted to be published, but the other poem was accepted ahead of this piece, and so readers I’m posting this rewritten poem for you to peruse today….. Living On a […]

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The Baths of Trier, Germany!


So let’s switch over to the neighbor and visit again my favorite city of Germany. Not only was the second city ever visited there it was the first one with the family and came back several times afterward; see my other posts on the oldest city in Germany, Trier!

However, as with so much to write in my Europe, often do so briefly and leave many places out or little shown me think. One of these was the Roman baths of Trier. This blog tells a bit more on them and we like it; hope you enjoy it too.

There are two major ones and we visited one but will give you both here, the Barbara and the Imperial baths of Trier. We visited the Imperial or Kaiserthermen. The Barbara baths have been closed to the public for a while now.

The imperial thermal baths of Trier (Kaiserthermen)…

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