Lydia, the phantom hitchhiker of North Carolina

Lydia, the phantom hitchhiker of North Carolina

Mystery Bridge Nr. 138. The Bridge with a lot of mysteries. Located in North Carolina.

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Phantom hitchhiker stories are not rare. Most entail someone driving on a road or highway when they come upon a person walking along side, flagging them down for a ride. A kind person might stop to get them a ride, only to discover the hitchhiker has disappeared.
The Lydia’s story is no different.

North Carolina has it share of ghost stories, unexplained phenomena, and tales of the supernatural. One such tale comes from Jamestown, in Guilford County.
The legend begins in late December 1923 (the 23rd or 31st depending on the version you listening to). Lydia was leaving a dance in Raleigh, some say with her boyfriend, on her way home.
It was raining and she lost control of the car and hit the Southern Railroad Underpass Bridge. In one version, her partner died instantly while Lydia attempted to get help and succumbed to her injuries on the side of…

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