How to fix an antique metal bridge: DVD on Historic Bridge Restoration by Julie Bowers

To honor Julie Bowers and her 10 years of restoring historic bridges at Workin Bridges, I would like to present you with a film on this topic, produced eight years ago and now available on Youtube. This documentary looks at the restoration of the Piano Bridge in Texas and the details as to how the bridge was restored. The video is at the end of the article. Enjoy! 🙂

TYB Film clip

The Bridgehunter's Chronicles

IMGP4926 Photo taken by the author in December, 2014

Author’s Note: This article serves as a twofold function: 1. It is part of a multiple series on the Historic Bridge Conference, which took place last weekend (21-23 September) in Indiana, where the documentary was shown, and 2. This is the Bridgehunter’s Chronicles’ Book of the Month, but in a form of a DVD and documentary. An interview with Julie Bowers on historic bridge preservation was conducted earlier this year and can be viewed by clicking here.

There seems to be a belief from many people that historic metal truss bridges cannot be restored because the metal used for the structure has outlived its usefulness, and that restoration and/or relocation is either too expensive, outdated, or is not heard of. The last part was in connection with a comment made by a congresswoman in Ohio in May of this year.

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