#Write Photo – The Bridge

#Write Photo – The Bridge

Our Eyes Open


hear the frogs croak
looking for a mate
birds singing in the wind
meditative calming state

nature embraces
sweet moments in time
alone with one's self
to the bridge I will climb

the red bridge overlooks
much greenery in calm
such peaceful moments
open hands to the palm

breathe in the purest air
painted path doeth take
lovely lilies in the pond
eyes open for mercy's sake

crossing over to the other side
last moments begin
say goodbye to the earth
death always wins

by:  Lisa Coleman

Sue Vincent is the host of Thursday Photo Prompt.  "Painted"

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Stowell Road Covered Bridge

Milford Street

Until last weekend, i had no idea that there was a covered bridge so close to home. Typically, I drive all over the state to take pictures of covered bridges in very remote location. There are 55 in the state, and I haven’t even photographed half of them.

Note: The bridges were originally covered to protect the road from rain and snow. The covering themselves are relatively inexpensive compared to the cost of building a bridge over a river. Building a cover over a bridge protected a town’s investment.

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