Author’s “No Comment” Nr. 1


This is a first of many posts you will see in the series, Author’s “No Comment.” The first one was found in one of the bridge pages on facebook and it ties in the current events, liberty and freedom and safety. Whoever created this sign did it for a good reason. The rest I’ll let you judge for yourselves.


BHC 10 years

CHICAGO RIVER — Chicago has more drawbridges than any other American city and is second in the world to Amsterdam. On Thursday, the city’s most famous bridge — The DuSable Bridge over the Chicago River on Michigan Avenue — turns 100. To commemorate it, Mayor Lori Lightfoot will participate in a live-streamed celebration at 7 […]

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Happy Birthday to this unique Chicago landmark! 😀

Note: This is a part of the Bedford County Covered Bridge tour I went on. Each bridge in the tour has directions from the previous bridge. In all, eight covered bridges will be featured in this tour. The tour order is: Osterburg, Snooks, Knisley and Ryot, Cuppett and Gravity Hill, Colvin, and Herline and Turner […]

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COVID Contemplations (April 20) – “A Primer in Patience”


For decades after it was built it was known as “The Bridge to Nowhere.”  But by the 1970s for those of us who lived in the small burg of Brazoria, west of the river, it was actually our lifeline to the other side, where Lake Jackson offered downright cosmopolitan attractions, including the closest McDonald’s to our little town.   What’s more, driving over it was almost like going through a time tunnel.  For built in 1939, the bridge had seen little changes since the Brazos River itself was a far more mighty waterway.

Imagine our concern, thus, when they began to repaint that old truss bridge and for months, traffic was restricted to one lane only, alternating between going east and west.  Then one lovely spring day, the job was done, and the old bridge proudly wore a beautiful new grey coat of paint.  Like the rest of our neighbors, thus…

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VIRUS BRIDGE : A Forgotten 1800’s Iron Bridge That Carried Plagued Citizens to Isolation Island

VIRUS BRIDGE : A Forgotten 1800’s Iron Bridge That Carried Plagued Citizens to Isolation Island


Ottawa, like all cities and communities, is grappling with a pandemic situation, and it reminded me that the Nation’s Capital is no stranger to quickly spreading viruses.  Throughout history the city has dealt with quickly spreading viruses, and the unfortunate plagued souls were placed on an island in the Rideau River. A hidden and rusting iron truss bridge that once carried those virus victims still remains…

The year was 1893 and the smallpox virus was sweeping through the Nation’s Capital so the City Of Ottawa wanted to build an isolated smallpox hospital to keep those infected away from the general population. City Council chose Porter’s Island, an eight-acre, low-lying property in the Rideau River as the quarantine island.

IMG_3789 This 1879 map from The Carleton Atlas shows the vacant Porters Island in downtown Ottawa, chosen as the site for the virus isolation island.

A hastily constructed isolation hospital was built on…

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BHC Pic of the Week Nr. 98



This week’s pic of the week takes us back to 2011 and to Minnesota. This shot was taken of the Long Meadow Bridge from the observation deck of  Mound Springs Park and the Minnesota River Wildlife Refuge on the northern banks of Long Meadow Lake, all located in Bloomington, located south of Minneapolis and St. Paul, known as the Twin Cities.  It was a crystal clear afternoon and I was able to get four of the five Parker through truss spans. Little did I realize is that an airline jet flew low enough over the bridge that it was caught on the camera. It was on its way to land at the Twin Cities Airport. Timing was of the essence, coincidence was gold in this case.  This bridge photo was once the header for the Bridgehunter’s Chronicles on its Areavoices website when it was in operation. The Areavoices site was shut down in April 2018.

Since the photo was taken, the Long Meadow Bridge was rehabilitated and restored to its former glory. It was reopened to traffic in 2016 after two years of restoration and is now integrated into the network of bike trails that runs along the Minnesota and Mississippi Rivers and in the Twin Cities Metropolitan area. Access to the bridge can be found through Cedar Park, on the same side as the wildlife refuge and Mound Springs Park. One has to follow Old Cedar Avenue all the way towards the park. That used to be a key highway before the expressway made it obsolete in 1977.  One can see photos of the bridge before and after the restoration as well as additional information on the bridge’s history can be found here.

BHC 10 years

Welcome back to National Parks & other public lands with T! If you are seeing this on Twitter or Facebook, please visit the blog to see all of the photos and read the story by clicking the link. Having spent the morning exploring Cathedral Valley, we needed a short hike in the main section of […]

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BHC Newsflyer: 16 May, 2020

Kattwyk Bridge (right) and a second span (left). Located in Hamburg. Photo taken by Gerd Fahrenhorst / CC BY (

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News Stories in the Podcast:

Hamburg Bridge Projects 2020

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Kattwyk Lift Bridge


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The Bridge at Pulvermühle



Photo taken in 2014 by JoachimKohlerBremen / CC BY-SA (

Cäcilienbrücke in Oldenburg (Lower Saxony) To Come Down


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Northern Avenue Bridge in Boston- decommissioned. Photo taken by NewtonCourt / CC BY-SA (

New Design Unveiled for Northern Avenue Bridge

Northern Avenue Bridge Project:


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Video Rendering of the Proposed New Bridge:


Labor Day Walk at Mackinac Bridge Cancelled because of Covid-19


Flower Theft at Bridge of Flowers


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Jefferson Davis Bridge. Photo taken by Martha Carver in 2015

Jefferson Davis Bridge to be Restored


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BHC Newsflyer: May 8th 2020

Forest Hill High Bridge in California: Source of a Bizarre Suicide Attempt that ended in a Soft Landing. Photo taken by Craig Philpott in 1982.

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Due to technical issues and non-bridge related commitments, this is a backlog edition with this edition being from a week ago.

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Articles with links:

Wartime Bridge Stories to Commemorate the Bridges that Played a Key Role in World War II



World War II Articles Via Flensburg Files (May 7th 2020 on):  !: Page turner at the end of each article. Some links will take you to stories detailed.


Sulfur Fork Bridge nominated for the National Register


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Bynum Bridge Listed on the National Register

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Grant to fix covered bridge in Tennessee


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Kindee Bridge to be Repaired


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Suicide Attempts Ends in Soft Landing


Bridge Info:

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The boys and I drove over to Elizabethton, TN, while we were visiting family and walked around the Covered Bridge. Yup. That is the name of the bridge over the Doe River that is covered. It’s not hard to find once you get there. It’s the only covered bridge in town. The bridge is now […]

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