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Our next Pic of the Week takes us to the city of Bad Homburg vor der Höhe, a city located north of Frankfurt in the German state of Hesse. While visiting the city, one can be impressed with its modern character, even though some of the historic elements that had existed prior to World War II still exists. But as you walk along the Hessen Ring, you will happen to run across this unique, modern treasure. The bridge is a cable-stayed span built in 2002 and has a total length of 76 meters. The width is 46 meters.  The object that stands out with this bridge is its pylon in the center median of The Ring. It’s 15 meters high and has a 3D-style, Y-letter shape. The arms from the Y-pylon support the cable suspenders which keep the decking up and in place.  When I was there in 2008, which is where this pic came from, it was one of the first cable-stayed bridges with such an unique shape, something I had never seen before.


I chose this bridge for it was recently renamed after a prominent local.  Alfred Herrnhausen, a local from the city, was a banker and the chairman of the Deutsche Bank, when he was assasinated on 30 November, 1989. Although he was in an armored convoy, one of the bullets penetrated it, mortally wounding him. While the Royal Army Faction (RAF) claimed responsibility for the attacks, the murder has remained unsolved for the police was unable to find who actually killed him.  The bridge was renamed Herrnhausenbrücke in his memory. The ceremony took place on 30 January of this year with many of his close relatives and associates on hand.  While the group has ceased to exist for over two decades now, the RAF was a left-wing terrorist organization that had existed for almost three decades (1970-1998) and killed 34 people. 27 of its members however were either killed by police or commited suicide.

This is the second bridge in the city that was named after a local behind the Ernst Ritter von Marx Bridge, yet there are some interesting structures worth seeing while in Bad Homburg. One of them is a pedestrian bridge with a loop-shaped approach, which mimicks the Rendsburg High Bridge and the Hastings Spiral Bridge. That can be found at Dorotheenstrasse.


Nevertheless, the structure presented in this article fulfills the rule of thumb pontists should always follow when touring a city: Start with the bridges first- you will be amazed at what a community has to offer. Bad Homburg definitely fits into that category like a glove. But there will be more communities that will follow in this website that have some unique diamonds in the rough, aside from what is listed in the BHC’s Tour Guide section.

So stay tuned for more. And don’t forget about the bridges when visiting a community next time, OK? 🙂


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