COVID Contemplations (April 20) – “A Primer in Patience”


For decades after it was built it was known as “The Bridge to Nowhere.”  But by the 1970s for those of us who lived in the small burg of Brazoria, west of the river, it was actually our lifeline to the other side, where Lake Jackson offered downright cosmopolitan attractions, including the closest McDonald’s to our little town.   What’s more, driving over it was almost like going through a time tunnel.  For built in 1939, the bridge had seen little changes since the Brazos River itself was a far more mighty waterway.

Imagine our concern, thus, when they began to repaint that old truss bridge and for months, traffic was restricted to one lane only, alternating between going east and west.  Then one lovely spring day, the job was done, and the old bridge proudly wore a beautiful new grey coat of paint.  Like the rest of our neighbors, thus…

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