Looking up at the sky, the clouds hang low, and I anticipate it will rain before long. The parking lot is empty and I walk around to the back garden of the historic Matamajaw Lodge. A short path leads off towards the river and of course I follow it. Here I find an inviting old-style wood-and-cable footbridge spanning the Matapedia River.

From the middle of the bridge is a great view upstream to the confluence of the Matapédia and Causapscal rivers. I watch several fisherman cast their lines into the Les Fourches stream pool, hoping to pull out a story-worthy size salmon. The towering steeple of the Saint-Jacques-le-Majeur Church is a lovely backdrop.

view from foot bridge

The lodge and grounds, known as Site Patrimonial de Peche Matamajaw, was originally built by Lord Mont Stephen, the former president of Canadian Pacific Railway, in the mid- 1870’s. He sold it to…

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