QEW’s Heritage Bridge

QEW’s Heritage Bridge

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Saturday, December 21, 2019

When the completed Queen Elizabeth Way opened in 1939 it had the distinction of being the first super-highway in Canada and the also first one to be fully illuminated at night. (Although that was delayed until war-time electricity restrictions were lifted in 1945.) Several bridges were built over the major ravines and the one over the Credit River in Mississauga has been given an historic designation. In April 2019 the Provincial Government announced funding to rehabilitate the bridge and build a second one directly to the north to allow for increased traffic flow. By November they had decided to demolish the bridge and build two new ones in a modern box design. Public outcry has resulted in the recent announcement that the government will only seek tenders that include the preservation and restoration of the historic bridge.


I decided to stop by and see what the…

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