1910: Singapore’s First Steel Bridge Opens to Traffic

1910: Singapore’s First Steel Bridge Opens to Traffic

Transportation History

March 12, 1910

The first steel bridge in the present-day Republic of Singapore made its official debut. (At that time, Singapore was part of the British territories collectively known as the Straits Settlements.) The dignitaries attending the Saturday opening ceremony for the bridge included Sir John Anderson, for whom the new structure was named. Anderson served as governor of the Straits Settlements from 1904 to 1911. During that period, he also represented the British government as high commissioner of the Federal Malay States (now part of the federal constitutional monarchy of Malaysia).

A couple of days after the bridge opened, the Singapore Free Press newspaper highlighted the significance of the structure for that region of maritime Southeast Asia. The Singapore Free Press asserted, “Another step in the line of progress was completed on Saturday with the opening of the Anderson Bridge over the entrance to the Singapore River, a piece…

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