Valley City – North Dakota’s City of Bridges

Valley City – North Dakota’s City of Bridges

Guest column who recently joined BHC. He visited Valley City a few years ago and wrote a tour article on the bridges in and around the city, located between Fargo and Jamestown. Enjoy! 🙂

Journeys with Johnbo

Valley City, North Dakota.

Less than one hour’s drive westbound on I-94 from our home in Fargo, the City of Bridges beckons. Our reason to travel to Valley City on this occasion was to find the first National Scenic Highway in North Dakota. Over the next few weeks, we’ll be featuring images captured on that drive. The Sheyenne River Valley National Scenic Byway winds its way through the river valley that is its namesake. A couple of the 27 stops on the byway are found in the city of Valley City. But I digress… Let’s begin our trip through the City of Bridges.

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