2020: The Year of Change



For many of us who believe in symbols and superstitions, we have a tradition on New Year’s Eve where we would all gather around a table, laden with a bowl of cold water and a candle, melt either lead or wax, pour the melted good into the water and watch it make its form. Then we spend minutes interpreting the figures and determining what they could possibly mean. The activity, known as Blei- or Wachsgiessen (melting lead or wax), is a tradition that has been around for ages and is a great alternative to setting off fireworks or bar-hopping, which takes more than just your wallet if you’re too careless.

My symbol was the dragon. And according to the website, a dragon is a fighter bound to defeat its enemies in spite of hefty opposition.  Given my fighting spirit in the face of everything that is happening around us…

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