Bridges of Berlin: Anhalter Steg

FrogDiva Thoughts

With each bridge that I discover and photograph in Berlin I think that I have pinpointed my favourite one, but then I go out on my next adventure and find another treasure and change my mind. This weekend was a veritable treasure chest as far as bridge hunting  was concerned and if it weren’t for the temperature hovering at -12C and -14C I honestly would have sat on the grass and gazed. This being the despicable cold wave nicknamed The Beast from The East (due to the winds coming from Eastern Europe and Siberia), which I hope is about to end, I shot as much as I could in as little time possible before my hands froze permanently onto the camera.

Speaking of cameras and cold weather – I have had some questions regarding the Fujifilm camera that I use and exposure to sub-zero temperatures. The camera is designed to…

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