Bridges of Berlin: Rosa-Luxemburg-Steg

Bridges of Berlin: Rosa-Luxemburg-Steg

FrogDiva Thoughts

Or as the proper title should be: Lichtensteinbrücke Re-discovered, since I already wrote about this particular bridge.

Berlin is one of the few metropolitan cities that I did not fall in love with instantly, like Vienna, Paris, Prague, or Delhi. It is a rough city with scorching summers and winters that make you aware of every little bone in your body. The bus drivers are rude, the racism is prevalent, it is incredibly difficult to find an affordable apartment for under 900EUR/month, and so on, BUT if you are into art, photography and theatre, it is incredible. Not to mention that the sheer amount of bridges in Berlin will give Paris and Venice a run for their money.

Here’s the thing, for every rough and drab neighbourhood, there is a wonderful park around the corner to balance things out, and you are never far from…

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