BHC Pic of the Week Nr. 71

könneritz Br2

This week’s Pic of the Week is a throwback to 2017 while on a night photo tour in Leipzig. After meeting my colleagues at Leipzig Glocal at an event, I took a few hours, finding some bridges to photograph- many of them were lit up at night.

Well, almost. These three pics were taken at the Könneritzbrücke. This bridge spans the River White Elster at Ernst-Mey-Strasse between the districts of Plagwitz and Schleussig. The steel through arch span with V-laced bedstead portal bracings and Pratt-style upper truss chords is typical for such bridges built in large cities in Germany. One can see it in Cologne (Hollernzollern and South Railway Bridges), Frankfurt/Main and Munich (at the railway station Hauptbahnhof) In fact, Leipzig has two of these bridges, including another one at Leipzig Central Station. This makes Leipzig one of four metropolitans that have more than one arch bridge of this kind, after Berlin, Cologne and Hamburg.


This bridge was rehabilitated in 2002, which included new lighting in a form of lanterns on its vertical posts and those in the trussed arches. However at this time, only the lanterns were burning and the only known lighting that existed were the yellow-colored street lamps at the bridge’s entrance and a full moon, which made photographing it rather spooky. The setting was spooky but also the silence. After all, this was taken at around midnight, when everyone should’ve been in bed, including yours truly. Aside from being a columnist, I’m a full-time teacher who needed to return to work the following day by train. :-O

könneritz Br

And you can imagine how I looked like and felt as I stood in front of a group of adults who wanted to learn English. 😉 Na ja, at least I had a place to stay in Leipzig prior to my departure to Zwickau the next morning, bright and early at five.

Enjoy! 🙂