Romance in the Everyday: The Bridges of Madison County

In connection with this week’s covered bridge festival in Winterset and the reopening of the rebuilt Cedar Covered Bridge, here’s a preview of the remaining six covered bridges in Madison County that you will see during your visit. Details on the event can be found in the Chronicles’s Newsflyer podcast……

American Trekker

A light at the end of the tunnel: the Holliwell Bridge. Built in 1880, it spans 110 ft.

“There are images that lie within my heart…images with the power to recall the warmth of a summer’s night, the stillness before a storm. Reminding me of the first time I ever saw him…there was nowhere else to go except towards love.”  Meryl Streep as Francesa in The Bridges of Madison County.

When I hear these words spoken in the movie I just get chills. So incredibly romantic. It was filmed among the fertile farmlands and rolling hills of southern Iowa as a backdrop.  One of the underlying themes of the film is that romance can flourish suddenly in everyday moments.  If you have not seen the film, or read the novel, this is a timeless love story filmed in Winterset Iowa  including the historic and iconic covered bridges located throughout…you guessed…

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