If you have a Chance to visit Newcastle in England, check out this unique viaduct, the High Level Bridge. Ist history (especially in pictures) can be found in this article. Enjoy! 🙂

Tales From The Brazier's Grotto

High Level Bridge in Newcastle-upon-Tyne was officially – even though without big ceremonies – opened on 28 September 1849 (although in some sources the date is 27 of September). The first passenger train had already crossed it in mid August. The High Level Bridge is one of my favourite bridges and I have photographed it several times during the last two decades.

I photographed this bridge that links Newcastle and Gateshead first time in summer of 2000.

Please note that by clicking the image it will be opened in a new window.

1. High Level Bridge, 28 July 2000 The bridge photographed on 28 July 2000.

The engineer was Robert Stephenson, assistant engineer being Thomas Elliot Harrison. Here you can find information about the construction of the bridge.

2. High Level Bridge, 2 June 2016 Plaque photographed on 2 June 2016. The picture is not good as the plaque was a bit too high for me. The year given is 1850. I guess that…

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