Bridges over the Humber

Bridges over the Humber

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Here at the Kingbridge Centre there are several hiking trail loops and one of them crosses over the Humber River.

bridge, Humber River, Kingbridge Centre, CanadaHere is one of the bridges that crosses over the river. I like the reflection of the bridge and sky in the river.

bridge, Humber River, Kingbridge Centre, Canada

Here is the view crossing the bridge. The bridge is not very long, but it is well made. At this point the Humber River is not too wide.

bridge, Humber River, Kingbridge Centre, CanadaIf you have one bridge over the river on a trail loop, then you need another one. This bridge is not as nice as the first one, but is a bit more rustic.

By the time I reached this bridge it was starting to get a bit dark as a storm was approaching. I hope to go back over this bridge next week.

Bridge over Humber River, Rowntree Park, Toronto, Canada, walk in the park

My good friends live about 20 miles south of here close to Rowntree Mills Park.


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