BHC Pic of the Week Nr. 65


This week’s Pic of the Week comes earlier than usual because of the Newsflyer podcast being moved later.  It’s also a throwback to almost a decade ago. There, together with Nathan Holth and Luke Gordon, we found this gem in Jefferson County, Ohio, near the border to Pennsylvania and West Virginia.

The Piney Fork Truss Bridge is located off Ohio State Highway 152, north of Dillonvale. It carries a private drive but can be accessed from the highway. The bridge is a Lattice girder pony truss bridge, which is the only one of its kind left in the USA which has an outrigger, which one normally finds  in a truss bridge with angled endposts. And while the bridge’s uniqueness and history can be explained further via website (click here), this side view was taken in August 2010 at the time of the Historic Bridge Weekend in Pittsburgh. The bridge’s setting is right in the middle of summer, only a couple weeks before the first leaves turned color. The pic was taken in the middle of the creek when water levels were low. Nevertheless, it was a one-in-a-bluemoon shot.

The bridge still stands to this day, unaltered and alone. But be rest assured the bridge will get a few visits as the forest will present their colors, just like the rest of the Appalachian region.


bhc est 2010a


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