Brunel’s Swivel Bridge in Bristol 170 Years Old This Year

Brunel’s Swivel Bridge in Bristol 170 Years Old This Year

In connection with the Newsflyer article on 9 September, here’s some more details on the Other Bridge in Bristol, built by Brunel and is the focus of a project to preserve and reactivate the bridge.

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This weekend (7th and 8th of September) in Bristol there was held a 170th Birthday Celebration at Isambard Kingdom Brunel’s Swivel Bridge that is also known as Brunel’s Other Bridge.

I am showing here some photos that I took of the bridge in April 2016 (please click the image to englarge) and giving some website links where you can study the bridge more.

But to understand what this is all about here are some key facts. The bridge was designed to carry traffic over the South Entrance Lock (Brunel’s Lock) in the Cumberland Basin. The bridge was brought in use on the 29th of October 1849. In 1872–1873 it was shortened and relocated to its present position over the North Entrance Lock. In 1968 the bridge was decommissioned when the new Plimsoll Bridge was constructed.

Source: Brunel’s Other Bridge. On this website there is also…

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