Newsflyer: 2 September 2019

Crossing Tower Bridge London.
Tower Bridge in London. Photo courtesy of Leighton Literature. See July 1 Posting


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To listen to the podcast, click here. Details of the bridges can be found via links below.


London’s Tower Bridge Celebrates 125 years.

Information on the Bridge:

After-hour Talks on the Bridge and its History:


Charlotte Road Bridge at Historic Bridge Park. Photo taken by Jim Allen in 2018

Historic Bridge Walk in Michigan on 7-8 September




Postcard of the Longfellow Bridge in Boston. Photo courtesy of Mason Brothers and Company (wikiCommons)

Boston’s Longfellow Bridge to Receive National Recognition

Information on the bridge:

Information on the Award:


Eight Bridges in Missouri to be Given Away

Information via Missouri DOT:

Maschen Railway Yards with the Decatur Bridge in the background. Photo taken in 1977 (wikiCommons)

Future of Decatur Bridge near Hamburg in Question after Closure

News Story:,bruecke1184.html


The Deteriorating State of the Bridges of Aberdeenshire in Scotland

News Story:

Fate of Park Bridge:

The Closure of the Kinniardy Bridge:

The Bridges of Aberdeenshire:

Historic Bridges Tour:

Kanalbrücke near Harsum. Photo taken by AxelHH in 2011 (wikiCommons)

Historic Bridge Spanning Stichkanal near Hildesheim to be Replaced



Elvis Statue to be Erected at Usa Bridge at Bad Nauheim


Biography on Elvis:–1960:_Military_service_and_mother’s_death


Plus: Current Status on the Hirschgrund Bridge Project at the Castle Complex in Glauchau

Hirschgrundbrücke in Glauchau. Stones used as a facade. Photo taken on 1 September, 2019


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