Chapter 648: Kintaikyo Bridge (錦帯橋)

The Flying Tofu

Kintaikyo Bridge (錦帯橋)

Arguably one of the most beautiful bridges in Japan, the Kintaikyo Bridge (錦帯橋). Famous for its beautiful wooden structure of 5 arches held by stone pillars taking you across the Nishiki River (錦川).

Although it is a pedestrian bridge, you are required to pay a small fee to cross over. I didn’t know this when I arrived and all set to go full blast with my camera, the lady on the right hand side at a wooden small booth greeted me and asked for 300 yen in exchange for a round trip ticket.

The reflection of the bridge on the waters is like a piece of art itself. On the river there was a crane! Difficult to see in the 8th pic, but it’s there! Because I arrived later in the evening just before the sun was setting, the ice cream shop called Musashi I wanted to…

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