Travel Report: The Tower Bridge Exhibition, London.

Travel Report: The Tower Bridge Exhibition, London.

Tower Bridge in London, one of several icons that one should visit, turns 125 this year. It’s one bridge that you can photograph from the outside. Yet what is on the inside? Check out this guest column and his visit to one of London’s most ironic treasures. 🙂

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May 2019. Forty years old, born in London and I’d never actually crossed Tower Bridge! What a scandal, but at least one I was finally putting to bed on this grey, chilly morning in the English capital. The Fairy was captivated the moment she saw it and, having also clocked the nearby London Bridge, felt a bit perplexed as to how entirely ordinary the latter looked in comparison. “Why isn’t it Tower Bridge is falling down?” I didn’t know the answer to this, but we both conceded that if something absolutely had to fall down, it shouldn’t be Tower Bridge. So maybe the London Bridge song was fine just the way it was.

See Inside Tower Bridge London. The Tower Bridge Exhibition, London.

May 2019. I wasn’t content with simply a walk across Tower Bridge. I figured we should get the whole experience, so we headed into the office to pick up tickets for both…

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