Bridges Old and New: Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge

Reflections and Nightmares- Irene A Waters (writer and memoirist)

DSCN7771 © irene waters 2019

Lennox bridge is the oldest stone bridge on the Australian mainland. It is located in the Blue Mountains and we were lucky enough to stumble across it when we were in Sydney recently.

DSCN7777 © irene waters 2019

In 1831 Major Mitchell employed David Lennox, a recently arrived stonemason, to build a permanent road over the eastern escarpment of the Blue Mountains.

DSCN7783 © irene waters 2019

With a gang of personally selected convicts and using local quarried stone the experimental bridge was finished in 1833.

DSCN7780 © irene waters 2019

It was the first stone bridge built on the mainland and formed the major route over the mountains for the next 100 years and is still used today as a rather hairier way of traversing the mountains.

DSCN7781 © irene waters 2019

In contrast a few days later whilst in China we saw one of the most modern bridges…

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