Crawford Bridge, Spetisbury

The Dorset Rambler

Crawford Bridge Crawford Bridge, Spetisbury – the upstream side with cut-waters

Sometimes it pays to be cheeky 🙂 !

The picture above is one I have wanted to get for a long time and I managed to capture it yesterday, although I would have preferred some late afternoon sunlight on the bridge – this was taken too early for the ‘golden hour’. It is a picture that is not normally possible because the land I’m stood on to take it is someone’s private garden. Every time I walk across the bridge, I hope to see someone mowing the lawn so that I could get chatting and hopefully be invited into the garden but it has never happened. So yesterday I decided to just ring the doorbell and ask!

Crawford Bridge The cut-waters from one of the pedestrian refuges

When the man answered the door, I said, ‘Sorry, I know I am being really cheeky…

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