The Oldest Road Bridge in Central London Was Opened on This Day

The Oldest Road Bridge in Central London Was Opened on This Day

Transportation History

May 24, 1862

The second and current version of Westminster Bridge in London was opened. This structure, spanning the River Thames, replaced the original bridge that had made its debut in the mid-18th century and was closed in 1846 (and subsequently demolished) due to deterioration.

The opening of the new road-and-foot-traffic bridge took place on the 43rd birthday of Queen Victoria. As part of the early-morning dedication, a total of 25 guns were fired simultaneously to correspond with the number of years in which Victoria had reigned to date as England’s monarch.  (Victoria, however, did not attend this ceremony; she was in deep mourning at the time for her husband Prince Albert, who died that previous December.)

The second Westminster Bridge was designed by renowned civil engineer Thomas Page. The London-based Morning Post stated a couple of days after the opening of the structure, “This is the fourth bridge…

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BHC Pic of the Week Nr. 51


Care for a game of hoops? There is a good place to play ball, right next to the viaduct. Located in the village of Unterkotzau, north of Hof, this viaduct spans the River Saale. It was one of the oldest viaducts along the Hof-Zwickau-Chemnitz-Dresden Magistrate as well as the Hof-Werdau-Leipzig Line, having been constructed in 1848. The 174 meter long viaduct is the only viaduct along the two lines that has pointed arches, resembling rockets. One can see the eight-arch viaduct from the vehicular crossing that is only 400 meters away to the northwest. From there, one has another six kilometers until reaching the next bridge at the Motorway 72 Viaduct near Koditz.

In either case, one will enjoy a good game of basketball while watching the trains cross the bridge. At least one train crosses every 20 minutes regardless of which direction, which makes it well- traveled

….and well watched from the passengers cheering on the home team.  We’re just missing the ref, though. 😉