Pic of the Week Nr. 48


As another series is starting alongside the ones in the running, this pic of the week takes us to the town of Hof. The city has 44,000 inhabitants and is located near the border where Germany was once divided into the eastern and western halves with borders and all. The town was on the western half and was once a key point for people fleeing to the west because of repression in the east. Since 1990, however, the town has slowly declined with many businesses and houses being abandoned and unemployment relatively high. Even some of the bridges in the area have seen better days, like we see with this crossing.

This bridge is located over the River Saale at the dam in Alsenberg in the south end of Hof. It’s a nine-panel Pratt through truss bridge with heel portals and strut bracings, built between 1900 and 1920. The structure appeared to have carried cars and pedestrians because it was built using thin metal and is light weight. The structure has been abandoned for over 40 years and is showing its age as we can see in this picture. The structure is literally getting covered in green moss and vegetation, with wooden planking rotting and the bridge unstable in general. A rather picturesque tunnel view shot but one that is a once in a lifetime shot. A new bridge is being built next to this one, and chances are, because restoration is out of the question due to excessive rust and corrosion, this bridge will be removed in the coming years. For sure the next flood will knock it off its foundations and wash it down stream.

So enjoy this pic while it lasts……



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