Thursday Doors – Bridges of Belturbet

This guest column and tour guide takes us to the outbacks of…..(gasp) Ireland and a village that prides itself on its four unique bridges. Enjoy the tour. 🙂

Jean Reinhardt


Welcome to Belturbet, County Cavan for this week’s Thursday Doors. I’ve been wanting to take a shot of this door for a while now as I love the colourful layers of peeled back paint, which seems to include the wall, too. Many Irish towns and villages use colour to brighten up the place, possibly because on a grey, wet day a row of ordinary buildings can show some individualism and cheer up the passersby. As I thought about this I felt a tug on my arm, reminding me that I was not alone. Tino the dog (aka The Gaffer) was getting bored looking at paint peel, so the least I could do was take him for a ramble along one of our favourite walks in the town.

I love this old bridge, I’m forever taking photos of it. It’s called the Erne Bridge, after the river it spans, and was…

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