BHC Pic of the Week Nr. 39


Our next Pic of the Week takes us back to Zwickau and to this bridge: The Röhrensteg, spanning the Zwickau Mulde on the south end of the city. The covered bridge, built in 1535 and rebuilt in 1790, was reopened to pedestrians and cyclists in January of this year. Yet the structure was covered by scaffolding so one could only see the improvements inside the covered bridge. Since the end of February, however, the scaffolding has come off and this photo shows the newly restored covered bridge, with new roofing and all.

The question still remains: How different or the same is the newly restored Röhrensteg? This goes well beyond this wonderful black and white photo that was taken a couple weeks ago. 🙂 And how satisfied are you with this bridge?

Link to the article on the completed Röhrensteg with new photos and voting ballot:  (!: Voting will close on the Friday before Easter)

This Pic of the Week is also in connection with another article written about the bridges in Zwickau and neighboring Glauchau that was published last week. An interview with the author of the Chronicles can be found below:

Link to the article: