BHC Newsflyer: 4 March 2019

Photo taken by the City of Zumbrota

Summary of the following headlines available via podcast by clicking here.



Snow fall causes a historic bridge in Minnesota to collapse.

Snow fall on the Mackinac Bridge causes damage to cars forcing its closure

Police looking for stone throwers in Schleswig-Holstein

Flooding destroys a century-old bridge on the Island of Crete

Arson on a long-abandoned historic bridge in Texas

Cliff-anchored suspension bridge in Arizona nominated for the National Register

Another bridge of its kind to open in Austria

Another nationally recognized historic bridge in Maine reaches the end of the road as a replacement bridge is being planned

The new Bonner Bridge in North Carolina opened earlier than planned.

And lastly, to be or not to be regarding a tunnel underneath a historic bridge in Jena, Germany?  That is the question.