BHC Pic of the Week Nr. 37


Sticking to the theme Dresden, I would like to give you a tip when it comes to photographing a bridge at night: Traffic is much worse at night than in the daytime. So please, never do this unless you are absolutely sure you can get away with it.


Even when you try and get a tunnel view with a car crossing from a distance, chances are very likely you will either get honked and/or cussed at, or worse, get clipped from behind by a racing car! Neither of these happened while I tried getting these shots of the Loschwitz Bridge, known to all Dresdners as the “Blue Miracle” (D: Blaue Wunder), but I had cars racing across this bridge a hundreth of a second after this shot was taken- a cue for me to leave the roadway and make for one of two of the cantilever truss bridge’s outer sidewalks.


While getting the portal view of a bridge is a dangerous job, especially when you encounter drivers who go all out in speeding and showing others “courtesy,” even if it means causing an accident, the best pics at night are either oblique shots or even sidewiews. Especially when the bridge is lit as well as this bridge is, one can get a great night photo from wherever you want to take that shot. In this last one, this was taken from a nearby restaurant, one has the bridge and a park bench in the foreground on the right. With a couple people gthere, it would have been a great vantage point with a sense of reminisce as people share memories while watching the bridge.  🙂

More photos and facts about this bridge will be presented in the tour guide on Dresden’s bridges in the part on the structures in the city itself. Stay tuned! 🙂