The Bridges of Zwickau (Saxony), Germany

This is an updated version of the tour guide on Zwickau’s bridges. I’ve included additional photos and information, but also made some changes to the bridges, based on actual information I found in some historical sources, including a history book, plus newspaper articles. The map of Zwickau’s bridges has also been updated. Have a look at the latest version of the tour guide and enjoy! 🙂

The Bridgehunter's Chronicles

imgp1776 Paradiesbrücke in Zwickau. Photos taken in September 2016

Under a pile of rubble, there is always a jewel, no matter who or what it is or where it came from. Located 16 kilometers south of Glauchau, along the Mulde River, the city of Zwickau may look like an ordinary community, whose architecture mostly comes from the Cold War. This includes high-rise buildings, mining facilities, old factories and even bridges built using scarce materials possible but only lasting 40 years. In fact, a newspaper report from a local newspaper in Chemnitz revealed as many as 37 bridges in the district of 480,000 inhabitants (of which the city itself has 104,000 residents) that are in dire need of repair or replacement. Most of them had exceeded their expected lifespan by 20 years and are hanging by a thread because of imposed weight limits designed to keep trucks, tractors and busses off of…

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