BHC Pic of the Week Nr. 36

Fort Dusquene Bridge

This week’s Pic of the Week honor’s one of Pittsburgh’s great who inspired his son to become even greater. While Pittsburgh has the Steelers, Penguins, Pirates, the Point, and most importantly, the city’s multiple number of bridges, more than Hamburg, Venice or Paris, we also have the Pittsburgh Dad, a local commedy show that stars Curt Wootton, who plays the sarcastic, jammering dad, who rants and raves over everything that goes wrong in Pittsburgh. A classic example is this one:


Sister column The Flensburg Files has one dedicated to Christmas, Pittsburgh style you can click on to watch. Click here.


The inspiration behind this show came from his father, Keith. According to Curt in an interview with the Trib Live, “He exemplified what it meant to be a true Pittsburgher throughout his entire life, with his Bloomfield roots, hard-working attitude, and total pride in the city which he adored.”  He added that his father was strict but had a sense of humor that helped inspire him to create the Dad one will see weekly on youtube.

On Monday, Keith Wootton died of unknown causes. He was 66.  In honor of the Pittsburgh Dad and to pay homage to his father, the Bridgehunter’s Chronicles and the Flensburg Files are paying tribute to him with this incredible sniper shot of the Fort Duquesne Bridge, spanning the Allegheny River at the Point, where two rivers merge to form the Ohio River- the other merging river is the Monongahela River.  The bridge was built in 1959 together with the Fort Pitt Bridge and both carry I-279.  The shot was taken from Mount Washington and has two symbols behind it: One is the father watching over the city of Pittsburgh and the family he left behind to ensure nothing goes wrong in the world of chaos. The other is in connection with the classic episode where Curt goes off on the electric bill and too many lights.

And to leave it as that, the pic is for both of you. Curse it, cherish it, but make it Pittsburghese. 🙂 ❤

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