BHC Newsflyer 4 February, 2019


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Headlines (Click on the highlighted links to read more):


Inglewood Bridge in Calgary to come down.


Demolition of the Bockau Arch Bridge (Rechenhausbrücke):

Articles on BHC*

Friends of the Bockau Arch Bridge- Photos of the demolition **

Chemnitz Free Press-  Start of the ProcessAnger from Politicians and the Like (D)***

MDR Sachsenspiegel News- 5 February 2019


Rachel Carson Bridge in Pittsburgh to be rehabilitated for 18 months


Three Historic Bridges in Ripley County, Indiana on their way to the National Register

Indiana Landmarks Article

Tour Guide via


Dale Bend Bridge in Arkansas destroyed by overweight and oversized truck- Mystery Bridge


Glendale Shoals Bridge in Arkansas wins two with a third one pending.****

Peggy Thompson Gignilliat Preservation Award 

Pinnacle Award


Farewell to Eric Delony- Tribute


*Type in under search “Bockau Arch Bridge” and you will find a list of articles already written with a couple more to be added before the series closes.  

** Available on Facebook, one can see the updates and photos of the bridge before and after its demolition.

*** Available only in German, this is a multiple article series where by typing under Search “Rechenhausbrücke Bockau Albernau” you will find the latest.

**** Glendale Shoals is nominated for the Delony Awards for Best Preserved Historic Bridge. An article is in the works and will be posted in the Chronicles soon.


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