Newsflyer: 2 November, 2018

bhc eric delony

In honor and memory of Eric Delony, who died on 23rd October in Santa Fe, New Mexico after battling Alzheimer’s Disease for many years, the Bridgehunter’s Chronicles is rolling out two different end logos, which will be on display between now and the time the winners of the 2018 Othmar H. Ammann Awards as well as the Author’s Choice Awards are given out in January. Mr. Delony, who worked for the National Park Service and its arm, the Historic American Engineering Record for over three decades, was the driving force in saving and documenting as well as promoting the restoration of thousands of historic bridges in the United States, while encouraging others in the Pontist community and beyond to continue with the work after he retired in 2003. A write-up from 2017 can be found here. It includes a write-up by the National Park Service in the comment section.  One of the bridges he saved, a Bollmann truss span, is depicted here. It can also be found on the Chronicles’ facebook page, which will remain as a cover page photo until after the awards are given out.  The other is a slight alteration bearing the Chronicles’ name.

The Chronicles will accept any stories, memories and even photos of Eric and his work with historic bridges during the last two months of the year. Those who wish to contribute should submit a small summary and/or photos to Jason Smith using the contact details at the end of this article.  While my tribute and an interview were published in 2017, there are other stories for sure that some of you would like to share with regards to your experiences working with the “king of historic bridges.” Therefore, we would like to read them so that we can share some memories and remember him for who he was to many of us in the community- a person who saw historic bridges from a humane perspective and not that of a modernist.

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You have between now and the first of December to submit your photos and candidates to this year’s Ammann Awards. The Ammann Awards are given out in the categories of Best Bridge Photo, Best Example of a Restored Historic Bridge, Bridge Tour Guide, Best Kept Secret (Individual Bridge), Mystery Bridge and Lifetime Achievement. A link to the Awards and the list of recent winners can be found here.  There will be a list of previous winners that will also be posted when the Chronicles is posted in wikipedia, which will take place before the end of this year.  Nevertheless, the deadline to submit all entries is 1 December at 11:59pm Chicago time, which is 2 December at 8:00am Berlin time. All entries are open in both the US, as well as abroad for the categories are divided into American and International.

The form to submit both the Award nominees and all the stories with Eric are here:

We’re looking forward to receiving both, as this year’s Ammann Awards honors the man who spearheaded the bridge preservation movement.


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