BHC Pic of the Week Nr. 21


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Due to a short week because of the federal holiday in Germany, combined with an upcoming trip, I decided to move up our Pic of the Week to today. This Picof the Week takes us to the Ore Mountains at the German-Czech border and this bridge in Johanngeorgenstadt. Spanning the River Schwarzwasser just south of the train station and just north of the Czech border town of Potucky, this modern arch bridge, built a decade ago, features a rather pink color, which is on the one hand unusual for a metal bridge (which mainly uses green, black, silver, blue and brown coloring), but could be an interpretation. Since we use pink for our campaign to fight (breast) cancer, the color of this bridge may symbolize an effort similar to that. If the latter is the case, it would be unusual for a German bridge to have such a color.

Yet if that was the case, which bridge do you know deserves a good coat of pink to signal the fight against cancer (or any non-communicable disease for that matter?  Think about it and feel free to comment!