The Beauty of Transport

The British have a difficult relationship with commemorative projects. Apparently it’s been going on longer than I realised, as even the Festival of Britain was apparently condemned in advance as a waste of money.I’m sure grumblers grumbled that the money spent on the Great Exhibition’s Crystal Palace would have been much better employed improving their local gin palaces (or more pertinently, the public sewerage system). A lot of Britons love a good moan whenever some large project is announced, on the basis that the money should be spent on something else, and that it will never work anyway. They love it when these projects come in over budget; almost inevitable given that these aren’t off-the-shelf designs, and are completed late. And then, after a few years, they and everyone else forgets the completion delays because they’re almost inconsequential over the lifespan of such projects, and they forget the budget…

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