Destination: Mostar, Bosnia & Herzegovina

This guest column takes us to Bosnia Herzegovina, the site of the Yugoslavian War of the 1990s and home of the Stari Most, the 1500s arch bridge that was the symbol of division when it was blown up in 1994 but has since been rebuilt as a symbol of unity for this country. More on this country and the bridge here……

Rebecca Goes Rendezvous

20180529_135453 Views of Mostar (May 2018).

When it comes to history, Bosnia & Herzegovina has probably one of the most devastating out there. People might think of events like the Holocaust or 9/11 as abysmal, but the Bosnian War of the early 1990’s often gets overlooked. It’s a tragedy within itself that many don’t know of what had happened– that said, I found my visit to this small Balkan country not only educational, but also an insightful view into how humanity can be terrible in this world.

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